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Duke Students at work in and around 3 Biological Stations in Costa Rica, studying flora and fauna, in conjunction with the Organization for Tropical Studies (OTS)...Las Cruces Biological Station is located near the Panamanian border on Costa Rica's southern Pacific coastal range.  This Station is home to the Wilson Botanical Garden featuring beautifully diverse plantings of tropical and subtropical ornamentals, representatives of unusual plant families and rare and endangered plants from Costa Rica and elsewhere...La Selva Biological Station is located in the Caribbean lowlands of northern Costa Rica. La Selva was originally established in 1954 by Dr. Leslie Holdridge, as a farm dedicated to experimentation on mixed plantations for the improvement of natural resources management. It was purchased in 1968 by the Organization for Tropical Studies and declared a private biological reserve and station...Palo Verde Biological Station is located in Guanacaste, 1 hour southwest of Bagaces.  Along with Lomas Barbudal Biological Reserve, it is considered one of the sites with the greatest ecological diversity in Costa Rica.