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Spherical Camera Duke 360 Opportunity<br />
Hey Duke 360, I recently heard about your project from a friend after he<br />
saw how I was taking a lot of cool pictures around campus with my new<br />
spherical camera. I'm up for meeting with you to show you it, or plan some<br />
cool opportunities to use it together. I can remotely trigger it, and it<br />
can also shoot video which can be viewed in a virtual reality viewer like<br />
Google Cardboard. Here are some example pictures which you are also happy<br />
to use for your project. I have software which can warp them around for<br />
normal viewing and you can also explore them better by going here and<br />
dragging them around: I have a lot more<br />
pictures than this as well of the chapel, coffeehouse, Cameron, tenting,<br />
the gardens, classes, etc.<br />
<br />
Best of luck,<br />
Gavin Ovsak<br />